Smoothie Take-0ver #1

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Smoothie Take-Over #1

In October 2015 I was artist in residence at the Bemis Center of Contemporary arts (Omaha, Nebraska). During the open studio’s I started the project “Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc Smoothie Take-Over”, where I sold banana smoothies. From the profit I am buying shares of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Depending on the stock prices of last week I have to sell between 64 and 65 billion of smoothies. After one day selling smoothies I have obtained 2.5 shares and I would need around 25.000 years, full time selling smoothies to take over the company.

The idea is however, that everybody can participate and build a nice selling stand from some old wooden pallets and buy some fair trade bananas and milk. You can make more than 3 dollar profit per smoothie. 

Instead of receiving shares or stock certificates directly, participating in this process will give you your own artwork. By stitching the banana skins on vinyl, you will make your own artwork. By registering your version on the specially developed website, you will become a fellow artist in the project and your version will be an official numbered and priceless piece of artwork.

The more shares we will have the more power we get to influence operations (business practice) of Del Monte.

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Smoothie Take-over @ TEDxOmaha!