Past works

Inn Studio

Das "INN-STUDIO" unter dem Dach von Nairs  macht als Versuchsanordnung Beziehungen zwischen den Mineralquellen, der Kulturgeschichte und der Entwicklung des Tals sichtbar. 
Für die "River-Selfies" liess der Künstler Textilien aus der Pionierzeit des Kurtourismus während Wochen von den Quellen und den austretenden, farbigen Mineralstoffen imprägnieren.

Fotos: Nelly Rodriguez


Das betreten der Wiese ist verboten

Natural elements




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Video Installation: Fan faced towards video projection of a video made during a storm in Amsterdam.


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In this work, I play with the word 'sustainability', turning it into a combination of 'fun' and 'ability', instead of thinking of it as an 'inability' to guarantee the needs of the futures. The element of time becomes essential to address sustainability in our everyday life, as well as to express the necessity to enjoy the time we live in. Too many different power structures are challenging our time, compromising our ability to establish a joyful and harmonious relationship with our environment and among ourselves. One question is left: who is determining the rhythm? Read more

Aracaria Araucana

The Aracaria araucana has become typical in the Dutch landscape as it became very popular in especially the ‘70s because its symmetrical and striking branches. Unfortunately, while growing steadily till a maximum height of over 50 meters, the cute little trees is often becoming an obstacle in the little Dutch gardens and declared undesirable. Ironically, the tree is hard to transplant not only due to its spines as well as for its changes to survive the replanting. As a consequence you can often find  aracaria araucanas for free on ebay/marktplaats see more.


Light installation, using the cherry blossom, which was in bloom during the three day exhibition as a canvas for the projection. The projection uses artificial colours to comment on the use of dyes in the cut flower industry to make hyper real floral displays which actually become less beautiful as a result. The piece celebrates and aims to draw people’s attention to the beauty of the cherry blossom tree.

G          eld Academie

In this project I changed the name of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy to “Geld Academy” (which is Dutch for “Money Academy”) by taking several letters of the building. After which I sold the letters of the academy on “Marktplaats”, (which is the Dutch "E-bay") to the highest bidders.

59 Db

59 decibel is a reference to a local dispute concerning the amount of sound "the highway" was allowed to produce. This sound sculpture and photographs were part of larger proposed project "A9 Waterfall Symphony"