Smoothie Takeover

In 2013 this marketing campaign of a mayor Dutch grocery store, was exposed on almost all banners in the Netherlands. Instead of being ashamed of the very low price we pay for this nutritious food, this campaign showed a kind of proud. Remembering my grandmother’s stories,  the banana used to be a very exotic product that was only consumed on very special occasions. Maybe for that reason I cannot remember seeing my grandmother eating a banana. But that’s (relatively recent) history. Nowadays, in the Netherlands, a country full of apple orchards, an apple is often more expensive than a banana. This makes me curious on how international food trade has skewed our perception of these products. How its affect our taste and our understanding of sharing? Therefore I decided to make some works visualising the other side of this tropical sweet fruit.

Below you can find some of the results of this on-going research.

Study of the ripening of the banana

broken circle

Photoprint on aluminium 500 mm x 500 mm

Performance: Shaky Shake

Video: Banana Time

del monte smoothie takeover